Get your Summer Swag!

Do you need embroidery work done for the Summer? Now is a great time to get your order in!

Here are just a few options that would be great for this Summer, and they are available in many colors. Contact us with your order, email and call at 303-534-0505 with any questions. 

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Embroidery Placement on Shirts and Jackets

Most popular places on a shirt and jacket to get embroidered: (Reference chart below)

Left Chest/Right chest: Left chest is typically a more common place of embroidery, if there is a pocket or a logo on the left chest, we suggest getting the right chest embroidered. The size of embroidery should have a max width of 5" and about 5.5"-7.5" down from the shoulder seam. If there is a pocket and you want embroidery on the same side as it, we recommend about 1/2" above the pocket. 

Left sleeve/Right Sleeve: On short sleeve polos, the embroidery should be 3.5"-4" max in width and 1/2" above the seam. The sleeve is another popular location of embroidery. 

Left Bicep/Right Bicep: Very similar to the sleeve, but these would be on long sleeve shirts/ jackets. The embroidery width is the same as the sleeve but, instead it would be located about 6" below the seam muscle. 

Left arm/Right arm: An uncommon location, but if preferred, the max width is 10.5" and height is 2.5". 

Yolk: Located on the back of the neck, the size and location of embroidery depends of the garment. 

Full back: If there is no hood, we recommend 5" below collar. If there is a hood we recommend trying on the jacket and seeing where the hood lies, then mark it from there. The max width is 12" and height is 14".